Mission Statement

Oregon Rowing Unlimited-PDX (ORU-PDX) is a non-profit 501c (3)  formed in 2015 to promote the sport of rowing in the State of Oregon. ORU-PDX accomplishes this by establishing facilities, procuring and maintaining equipment, and presenting events that showcase the sport and developing programs, especially for the youth of the community.


We believe that crew is the ultimate team sport, and the perfect vehicle through which to teach life skills. A boat is made up of individual rowers; however, in order to make that boat move fast in the water, the athletes involved must be disciplined and accountable for their personal efforts; they must work together seamlessly by sharing a fierce determination and focus; and they must have complete trust and respect for one another. We believe that the principles associated with rowing, such as teamwork, discipline, responsibility, goal setting and commitment, lead to success both on and off the water. We hope to nurture these values early in young athletes, giving them the tools to meet the challenges of everyday life in years to come.  Champions are first created in the mind, then by word, and then by deed.


Oregon Rowing Unlimited was formed in 1988, and reorganized as ORU-PDX in 2015, to spread the joy of rowing to youth and adults in Oregon.  For nearly 30 years it has contributed to the growing popularity of rowing by being the source of origin and inspiration for almost every rowing club in the greater Portland area. Our success could not be possible without the generous support of Oaks Park.