Coach Plamen Petrov was honored by the Portland Police Bureau with a Life Saving Award at a ceremony on Thursday, November 16, 2017. The honor is given by the Police Bureau to any bureau or community member who saved the life of another person.

On July 28th, Plamen Petrov came to the aid of a local master rower who had a medical emergency (heart attack) while rowing in his single. Coach Plamen was nearby and was able to pull the rower, who had fallen into the river with his feet still attached to his boat, inside the launch, where Coach Plamen performed chest compressions and rescue breathing, working feverishly yet staying calm and coordinated until an ambulance could arrive.



Beautiful day at the Tail of the Lake Regatta in Seattle. Congratulations to all rowers who participated in the regatta this Sunday. Thank you to everyone who came to the beautiful Lake Union and made it such a great weekend. 

Congratulations to Sophia W, Michael, and Morgan for having their first novice races of the season. Well done!

Double golden triumph for our Men's and Women's double sculls. The moment Liam, Ivan, Desi, and Amelia realized they have won the gold was priceless. 

Norman and Gus had a really exciting race in a double. They placed 5th in their event. Milla and Rachel's boat came in a respectable 9th place out of 22 boats with a time of just under 18min. Parker and Ali placed 8th in the Women's 2x.

Ari, Simon, and Tervel raced the singles and placed 6th, 7th, and 10th respectively.

Our two ORU Men's quadruple sculls had a great race finishing 3rd and 4th. Bronze lining for Gus, Norman, Tervel, and Ari. The ORU Women's quad (Cleo, Jasper, Sophia, and Sarah) finished 3rd with the time of 16:11.4.

Desi and Amelia had a very strong second race and finished 6th in the Women's Pair.

Our ORU Men's crew, led by Shep, finished 6th in the Men's Novice 4x+.

The Women's crew, led by Lauren, finished 4th in the Women's Novice 4x+.

The Men's Jr 4+ crew, with Nicky in the stroke seat, finished 6th in their event.

Coxswains Ruby and Autumn ensured their crews had plenty in the tank, determined to finish strong. 

Some tough races, but what a privilege for our rowers to be in such a quality field. Well done everyone!



On August 8th, 2017 a very special men to Oregon Rowing Unlimited passed away: Masters Coach Stephen Loaiza. Stephen officially joined our team last fall. In that relatively short time, he made an immeasurable impact on our club, on our Masters Team, and on countless individual rowers.

Rowing was one of Stephen's great passions; it nurtured his body and his soul. One of his biggest thrills was offering others a glimpse of the joy that rowing could bring. Over the years, he shared his passion with people of all age groups, genders, abilities, and walks of life. He brought people together, on the water and in life.

We are so fortunate that Stephen shared his gifts with us. According to him, you don't "choose" rowing, rowing chooses you. All we know is that we are grateful that WE chose Stephen. He will live in our hearts, and in our rowing, every day.


Excellent representation from Desi, Simon and Ivan in the 2017 World Rowing Championships Youth Regional Challenge. We are very excited to share the news that Desi’s quad qualified to race in the A Final, and finished 1st with a time of 7:12.60. What an achievement!
Simon and Ivan’s quad qualified to race in the B Final, and finished 4th with a time of 6:55.64.
Amazing performances! We are so proud of our juniors!

Congratulations and Best of Luck to Desi, Simon and Ivan!

Oregon Rowing Unlimited - PDX is pleased to announce that three of its youth rowers applied to participate, and were all selected to take part in the Youth Regional Challenge at the 2017 World Rowing Championships in Sarasota-Bradenton, Florida.

The Youth Regional Challenge will feature 312 of the top Under-19 rowers from across the six US Rowing regions. Each of the six regions – Mid-Atlantic, Midwest, Northeast, Northwest, Southeast and Southwest – will be represented by two “all-star” crews in the men’s and women’s eights and men’s and women’s quadruple sculls. ORU athletes Desi Petrova, Simon Hatcher and Ivan Beremski will represent the highly competitive Northwest Region.

Desi, Simon and Ivan will compete against other top Under-19 rowers from across the country, taking part in the 2017 World Rowing Championships, racing on a world-class course. The ORU athletes will attend the Opening Ceremony of the 2017 World Rowing Championships on September 23, and take part in racing events at the 2017 World Rowing Championships on September 23 and 24.


A stellar performance at the British Columbia Provincial Championships by all junior ORU rowers! We had many boats qualify for finals and perform beautifully. Many of our rowers had more than two races every day, and they still fought until the end to win. 

Our Men's U15 4x, with August Altucher, Keenen Carlyle, Max Zimmermann and Will Hathaway, placed first with a time of 7:46.89.

Our Women's 2-, with Desi Petrova and Amelia Vassallo, placed first with a great time of 8:24.97.

Ari Grayzel and Griffin Palmer placed third in the Men's U19 JV 2x with a time of 7:36.14.

ORU's youngest rowers, Milla Beremski, Mara Cassidy, Lauren Callahan and Rachel Whittington, placed third in the Women's U15 4x with a time of 8:15.09.

Our gold medalists, Liam Zimmermann and Ivan Beremski, finished with a time of 7:08.73 in the Men's U17 2x.

Our Ltwt 4+, with Liam Zimmermann, Griffin Palmer, Ari Grayzel, Ivan Beremski and coxswain Milla Beremski, placed first with a time of 7:04.51.

Rowers Keenen Carlyle and Max Zimmermann, placed first in the Men's U15 2x with a time of 8:08.78.

Our other Men's U15 2x, with Ian Lloyd-Jones and Will Hathaway, placed second with a time of 8:38.13.

So proud of our junior team. Way to row!


ORU had a wonderful weekend racing at Regionals. Of the 18 entries, 16 participated in finals. ORU won 8 event medals, and three of our boats qualified for Nationals in Florida. The Men's Lightweight Double, the Women's Double and the Women's Quad all competed at Nationals, where they raced against the top 28 boats in the country. Ten of our boats received the prestigious title of 'State Champion.'

Our Women's 3V 2x, with Milla Beremski and Ali Winslow, placed third with a time of 9:00.750.

Our other Women's 3V 2x, with Rory Schinkelwitz and Sophia Coseo, placed third with an even better time of 8:34.734.

Our Men's Novice 2x, with August Altucher and Ian Lloyd-Jones, placed second with an amazing time of 7:55.580.

ORU rowers, Nicky Tcherven, Keenen Carlyle, Shep Riley, Will Hathaway and coxswain Ivo Kerefeyski, placed second in the Men's Youth 4x+ with a time of 7:54.220.

National qualifiers, Liam Zimmermann and Ivan Beremski, placed third in the Men's Ltwt 2x with a time of 7:21.649.

National qualifiers, Desi Petrova, Amelia Vassallo, Cleo Whelan and Jasper Whelan, placed third in the Women's Varsity 4x with a time of 7:27.412.

Desi Petrova and Amelia Vassallo also qualified for Nationals in their Women's Varsity 2x with a time of 8:10.435.

Lastly, our Women's 2V 2x, with Cleo Whelan and Jasper Whelan, placed second with a time of 8:18.971.

"All were merged into the smoothly working machine; they were, in fact, a poem of motion, a symphony of swinging blades." -Daniel James Brown, The Boys in the Boat

Photos courtisy to Lisa Hilker.


ORU Junior Rowers spent the last weekend on Vancouver Island at the Brentwood College Regatta, in beautiful Mill Bay, Canada. This regatta is one of the most prestigious high school regattas in North America. Because of strong winds, all races on Friday were canceled and the regatta was reduced to two days. That made the regatta a little bit more demanding as all races became “timed finals,” meaning the top three boats across all heats of the event would earn medals.

Despite the added challenge of the weather, ORU earned three bronze medals.

Bronze medals went to our Junior A Men’s 1x, Simon Hatcher, with a time of 5:45.88 and our Junior JV A 2x, Liam Zimmermann and Ivan Beremski, with a time of 5:28.26.

In our Junior A Lwt72 Men’s 4+, Liam Zimmermann, Griffin Palmer, Ari Grayzel, Ivan Beremski, and coxswain Milla Beremski got second in their heat with a time of 5:31.17.

In our Junior B Women’s 2x, Cleo Whelan and Jasper Whelan placed second in their heat with a time of 7:10.22.

Desi Petrova and Amelia Vassallo placed third in their Junior A Women’s 2x heat, with a time of 6:48.1.

With a time of 7:52.64, the Junior B Women’s 2x, Milla Beremski and Rachel Whittington, placed third in their heat.

Our other Junior B Women’s 2x, Rory Schinkelwitz and Sophia Coseo placed third in their heat with a time of 7:25.89.

Our Junior B women’s 4x+, Rory Schinkelwitz, Sophia Coseo, Milla Beremski, Rachel Whittington, and coxswain Max Zimmermann placed third in their heat with a time of 6:16.28.

With a time of 6:00.83, our Junior A Women’s 4x+, Desi Petrova, Amelia Vassallo, Cleo Whelan, Jasper Whelan, and coxswain Milla Beremski placed third in their heat.

Our Junior A Men’s 4x+, Simon Hatcher, Norman Hilker, Ari Grayzel, Griffin Palmer, and coxswain Rachel Whittington placed third in their heat with a time of 5:26.81.

Nicky Tcherven and Max Zimmermann placed fourth in their Junior B Men’s 2x heat with a time of 6:10.13.

Simon Hatcher and Norman Hilker placed fifth in their Junior A Men’s 2x heat with a time of 6:15.55.

Finally, with a time of 6:40.32, our Junior A Women’s 1x, Desi Petrova, placed fifth in her heat.


Congratulations to everyone!

Photos: courtesy of Lisa Hilker 

"On GOOD days I row. On BAD days I row harder."

This weekend ORU participated in a scrimmage with VLC and LOCR in Vancouver, WA on the gorgeous Vancouver Lake. Despite the wild weather/water conditions, ORU had a lot of fun!

Congratulations to all!


Congratulations to all competitors for yet another fast NW Ergomania. So proud of Team ORU!

NW Ergomania, the NW Indoor Rowing Championships, provides the entire Pacific Northwest region with the opportunity to race in over 20 categories. ORU athletes competed in 2000 meter sprints.


The club performed exeptionally well!

Meet the team, see the photos.

Final Results are listed bellow:

Men’s JR LTWT 2K (total 38 competitors)

Simon Hatcher placed 3rd with a PR

Ari Grayzel placed 12th with a PR

Griffin Palmer placed 18th with a PR

Ivan Beremski placed 28th


Men’s JR 2K (total 32 competitors)

Norman Hilker placed 23rd


Women’s JR Novice 2K (total 52 competitors)

Rory Schinkelwitz placed 5th in the novice category almost breaking 8min (her time - 8:00.5)


Women’s JR LTWT 2K (total 38 competitors)

Desi Petrova placed 4th


Women’s JR 2K (total 55 competitors)

Amelia Vassallo placed 28th

Sophia Coseo placed 47th


Great Job Everyone! You were looking pretty fast!


ORU Wins Big at Covered Bridge

ORU-PDX boats battled through heavy winds and whitecaps at the Covered Bridge Regatta in Dexter Lake on April 16-17. Unfortunately, all of Sunday's races were canceled due to the rough conditions, leaving many rowers disappointed. Despite the cancellation, the juniors brought home six hard-earned medals, meaning that almost half our boats placed in their heats!

The full results for the Junior Team are listed below.

Men's Varsity 1x:  Dennis Nikolov

Men's Novice 4x+:  Colter Decker, Ivan Beremski, Adam Hathaway, Nicky Tcherven, coxswain Will Hathaway
Men's Varsity 1x   Simon Hatcher

Men's Varsity 1x:  Ari Grayzel
Men's Varsity 1x:  Tervel Bradov
Men's Varsity 4x:  Dennis Nikolov, Simon Hatcher, Ari Grayzel, Griffin Palmer

Congratulations to all our rowers!





Dennis Nikolov Commits to Row at OSU

Congratulations to ORU varsity member Dennis Nikolov, who has been recruited to row for Oregon State University next fall. Dennis, a senior at Beaverton's Health and Science High School, has been rowing under the direction of Coach Plamen Petrov since the seventh grade. He plans to pursue a rigorous program in mechanical engineering at OSU and continue competing in the sport that has become his passion. Dennis has this advice for his fellow teammates and other students hoping to be recruited to row in college: Put as much into your schoolwork as you do into your rowing. The better you do in school, the better your chances for getting scholarships. Also, trust coaches Plamen Petrov and Nadia Petrova with their advice and coaching decisions. With over 30 years of experience, they know what they're doing, and how to best help each rower achieve his or her personal goals.

Best wishes to Dennis, a consistent leader for the ORU Junior Team, in both his rowing and academic endeavors in Beaver Nation. We know great things are in store for this young man.


Maya Coseo Recruited to Row for Gonzaga

Maya Coseo, a Franklin High School senior and Varsity member of the ORU Junior Rowing Team, signed a National Letter of Intent (NLI) to row with Gonzaga University's Division I Women's Rowing Team. An accomplished athlete and student, she will be attending Gonzaga in the fall on both a rowing and merit scholarship. Since joining ORU her freshman year, Maya has had a very successful rowing career. A two-year head captain of the Junior Team, she has consistently medaled in regattas across the pacific northwest. In 2015, she and three of her teammates qualified to compete in the Women's Quad event at the USRowing Youth National Championships in Florida, where they ultimately placed 10th in the nation. At the Northwest Indoor Rowing Championships/NW Ergomania this past February, Maya achieved the 6th fastest erg time out of 74 participants in the Women's Junior 2k. Congratulations to this outstanding young woman, athlete and scholar!

Online fundraiser campaign a success!


Thanks to the generous contributions of family, friends, Portland-area businesses and community members, the ORU Junior Team raised over $8,500 its 2nd annual online fundraiser during the month of December! All donations will be used toward the purchase of boats and oars that are critical to the needs and success of our rowing team.  We sincerely appreciate all who gave, and would like to recognize the following donors who contributed $100 or more to this year's campaign:

Coach Level ($100-$249):

  • Joe Radakovich
  • Matthew and Renee Palmer
  • Henry Stevens
  • The Schreiner Family
  • Desislava Kotseva
  • Grandma Nikolov
  • Ron Goodwin
  • Frieda Grayzel
  • Douglas Smith
  • Terry Bowman
  • The Schelonka Family
  • Bob and Maggie Hatcher
  • Nikola Tcherven
  • Max and Ellen Brittingham
  • Tony and Debbie Vassallo
  • Nadya Beremski
  • Marieta Westermeyer
  • Anonymous

Director Level ($250-$499):

  • Richard and Jane Caldwell
  • Carl Petterson
  • Carol and John McDermott
  • Bill and Lyndsay Hayes
  • Anonymous

National Champion ($500 or more):

  • Kathleen Sullivan
  • Mark Lewinsohn
  • Dermatology Professionals
  • Anonymous

Registration for the Portland LOOP Regatta now open!


We are excited to announce that registration for the 25th annual Portland LOOP Regatta is now open!  Please join us for a fun day of rowing out of Oaks Park, starting at noon on Saturday, October 25! We are happy to introduce a new, shorter course (check back soon for updated course maps). We also want to invite all competitors and spectators to a chili feed at Oaks Park from noon to 3pm. Participants in the Portland Fall Classic happening the next day may leave their trailers at ORU for convenience. We hope to see many clubs there! Please head to our LOOP Regatta page for more information.