Ranging in age from 23-77+, the ORU Masters are a fun, fit and fabulous group of men and women who prove that rowing can be enjoyed at any age! Whether your goal is to learn to row or improve your technique, to compete at regattas, or to simply to stay in shape, you'll find your niche on the ORU Masters Team. Coaching is provided in sweep rowing and sculling; we even have our own octuple!  After practice, make sure to join the team at the local coffee house, where you'll find us sharing rowing tips and challenges, and connecting over life experiences. 

Masters Team Overview

  • All workouts begin at the Oaks Park Community Boathouse.
  • Practice occurs M/W/F from 5:45 am to 7:15 AM.
  • March thru October practices are typically on the water.
  • From November thru February, when it's too dark to row safely, land-based training takes place at the boathouse. Practices consist of coach-led ergometer sessions utilizing ORU's indoor rowing machines.

Check Us Out!

Complete and submit the online Contact Form, and an ORU-PDX Staff member will contact you as soon as possible.
Together, you will schedule a date to come down to the boathouse to meet the coach and team, ride in the launch to view a typical practice in action, and get all your questions answered.