The ORU Middle School Program offers an effective and fun-based introduction to fitness and the sport of rowing. Young rowers will learn how to row in small boats (boats designed for one, two or four rowers) and receive the individual attention needed to make the most out of their rowing experience. The young rowers will learn how to carry the equipment and get in and out of the boat. They will also learn how to improve their balance and how to make turns, along with a clear understanding of what may go wrong in various situations (and how to fix them). Once the rowers advance and improve their balance in the boat, they will be encouraged to compete in local scrimmages within ORU and/or against other teams. Coaches may approach rowers and coxswains they feel are ready to be part of the ORU Racing Team.

Young athletes are welcome to join our club and our training practices at any time during the year. Our on-water season runs from about March 1 to October 31 each year. ORU coaches also offer regular indoor practices over the winter at our boathouse.