Plamen Petrov

A native Bulgarian, Plamen has been involved in rowing most of his life. He has a Masters degree in Sculling, Sweeping, and Physical Fitness Teaching. As a Bulgarian National Team member, Plamen won several Bulgarian national titles in sculling and sweep rowing. For over thirty years he has been teaching and coaching, using his broad knowledge of human anatomy, physiology, and performance as a foundation. At ORU-PDX, Plamen's goal is to develop champions. Under his guidance, his athletes have excelled at regional regattas and ranked in the top ten at USRowing Junior Nationals. His vast knowledge and experience, combined with his compassion for his athletes and fierce passion for the sport, makes him a favorite of our rowers.



Nadia Petrova

Also hailing from Bulgaria, Nadia has been rowing since she was twelve years old. She graduated from the National Academy of Sport in Sofia with a Masters degree in Sculling and Sweeping, Sports Management, and Physical Fitness Teaching. Nadia was a member of the Bulgarian National Team and earned numerous medals in Bulgarian Championships and international regattas. Like her husband, Plamen, she has more than 30 years of coaching and teaching experience. Her encouraging nature and patient personality complements her keen knowledge of rowing and natural ability to teach others the sport; she is known for bringing out the best in her rowers.


Masters Team Coach


Stephen Loaiza

Stephen Loaiza has been rowing and coaching for over 35 years. His knowledge, keen eye, experience, enthusiasm and communication style are a few of the qualities he brings to his rowing coaching. He began his coaching career at Lake Oswego Community Rowing, after which he spent eight years in central Pennsylvania, coaching at Susquehanna University, Bucknell University, and with Central Pennsylvania Rowing Association, a community rowing program. While in Pennsylvania he coached juniors, masters and Learn to Row programs for both Juniors and Masters. He is currently coaching the ORU Masters and has been the head coach for Willamette Rowing Club for the past 4 1/2 years.